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Nonna’s Kitchen, Mount Barker

March 5, 2015
Nonna's Kitchen2

Located in the centre of Mount Barker (quite literally), Nonna’s Kitchen is a place where you won’t want to just grab your coffee and go; it’s just too lovely! Combining quirky with Italiano, this hidden gem is becoming a delightful favourite for locals amongst the ever-so-growing town of Mount Barker.

With heavenly pizzas, alongside scrumptious cakes and smoothies, you would not want to miss out on experiencing the utter delight of Nonna’s. Not only will the food make you want to go back, but the service and staff creates a vibe that everyone would love, making you feel like more of a friend, not a customer.

Nonna’s Kitchen can be found on their Facebook  page,  their Website, and Google+!

Don’t resist talking to the owner and staff; they are the nicest people you will meet!

Food & Drink

The Seasonal Garden Café, Hahndorf

March 5, 2015

Located in the centre of Hahndorf in a rustic cottage, The Seasonal Garden Café opens up your tastebuds to a whole new range of organic foods. Created with home-grown, locally sourced organic ingredients, this café is a Vegetarian dream, catering for vegans as well.
With the pleasure of making your own smoothie, a new and special menu each day based on the available ingredients, and staff & service that will absolutely satisfy your needs, the vibe of this place is to die for.


With irresistible customer favourite such the Big Café Burger, and a menu that caters breakfast, lunch, coffee, and drinks, The Seasonal Garden Café is a very well-priced little café that you will be more than satisfied with, regardless of if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply want to try new things!


Food & Drink

Konditorei Coffee Lounge

February 24, 2015
Cafe Kondi, Stirling, South Australia

Konditorei Coffee Lounge – or Cafe Kondi as the locals call prefer, is a cozy coffee shop in the heart of Stirling, boasting a relaxed atmosphere and a lovely outdoor area and courtyard with fountains and plants. Inside Konditorei has a lovely open fireplace and wooden wall decor.

The milkshakes are to die for, and the food is very good value and of a high quality. Why not try some delicious Kondi soup for lunch – you won’t regret it!

Konditorei Coffee Lounge are on Facebook and Google Plus.

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Stirling Organic Market & Cafe

October 17, 2014

In the heart of Stirling lies The Organic Market & Cafe, a wonderful & funky village market-shop selling fresh breads, organic veggies and whole foods. The cafe provides an extensive menu of tasty organic food and coffee – as well as gluten free options! Stirling’s Organic Market & Cafe can be found online on Facebook or on their Website. – Oh and they’re also on Google+!

Try their amazing soups – you won’t be disappointed!

Food & Drink

Sazón Espresso

July 10, 2014

Sazón is a lovely cafe in the heart of Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. Serving a range of Mediterranean and Mexican foods in the evenings, this popular restaurant is a beautiful place to enjoy a meal. With reasonable priced foods and delicious coffee served all day long, check out Sazón Espresso via their Facebook or Website.

From berry and mango smoothies to tacos & salsa -Sazón has the best atmosphere and most friendly and attentive staff in the hills!